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Invited Speakers

Noon Plenary Presentation

Laboratory Safety in Academia

Prof. Peter Dorhout

Kansas State University, Past President of the American Chemical Society

Standardizing Risk Management in Laboratory and Pilot plant Facilities: A Model

Kim Johnson

Shell Global

Critical Aspects of a Robust Potent Compound Containment Program

A.K. Doane, R.I. Livingston

Award Banquet Presentation

Title TBA

Bonnie Charpentier

Cytokinetics, Past President of the American Chemical Society

November 12

Young Talent in the Rocky Mountain Region Symposium

Contributed talks by non-tenured faculty in the Rocky Mountain region

ACS Leadership

Fostering Innovation

Four-hour facilitated workshop

Career Planning

Careers in Industrial Chemistry: Identify Your Role in the Industrial Value Chain

Two-hour facilitated workshop

Opportunities for Chemists in the Federal Government

Two-hour facilitated workshop

Empowering Academic Researchers to Strengthen Safety Culture

The American Chemical Society is sponsoring a program to help educate graduate students about lab safety culture and opportunities for promoting safety. The participants will be awarded a certificate for completion of the course (can be added on resumes).
This three-hour workshop will be led by Sarah Zinn (University of Chicago) and Jessica DeYoung (University of Iowa). The purpose of this workshop is to help develop individualized plans for the creation or improvement of student safety programs. You can read more about the results of previous workshops in this Journal of Chemical Health and Safety (K. A. Miller and K. I. Tyler, Journal of Chemical Health and Safety, 2019, 1871-5532; Other key topics include hazard assessment, risk management, safety management practices, and complementary top-down approaches. This workshop is primarily directed at graduate student issues, but faculty and staff are encouraged to participate.

Sustainability Symposium

Invited Speaker: Prof. Eugene Chen, Colorado State University

                            Prof. George Stanley, Louisiana State University

                            Dr. Andrew Sutton, Los Alamos National Lab

General Sessions

Poster Session with Poster Awards

November 13

Each symposium will have an associated poster session with awards.

Medicinal Chemistry Symposium

Invited Speakers: Prof. Courtney Aldrich, University of Minnesota

                              Prof. Gunda Georg, University of Minnesota

                              Prof. Andrew Wiemer, University of Connecticut

                              Prof. David Weimer, University of Iowa

                              Prof. Cynthia Burrows, University of Utah

                              Prof. Mark Brown, Colorado State University

                              Prof. John Enemark, University of Arizona

                              Prof. Jeanne Pemberton, University of Arizona

Senior Chemists Symposium

Invited Speakers: Prof. Gareth Eaton, University of Denver

                              Prof. James Bamburg, Colorado State University

                              Prof. B. George Barisas, Colorado State University

                              Prof. Josef Michl, University of Colorado

                              Prof. Ellen Fisher, Colorado State University

                              Prof. Cortland Pierpont, University of Colorado

                              Prof Richard Ernst, University of Utah

                              Prof. Veronica Bierbaum, University of Colorado

Plenary Award Talks

                              Prof. Nancy Levinger, Colorado State University

                              Prof. Gunda Georg, University of Minnesota                              

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The complete detailed program may be found here!

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